Medicine: A Calling or Choice?

A few weeks ago, I doubted my career, again. I thought, what if I choose another career, a career that is less long, a career where I can actually sleep, a career where having a partner wouldn’t be so strenuous, a career where having a family wouldn’t be so difficult; maybe my life would be a bit less stressful. I am a very versatile person, I would like to think, I love writing (as you may have suspected), I love technology, I am a geek, I love computer science, I love fashion, I love a lot of things. So, I looked at careers in these areas. I ended up nowhere. I felt I was missing something, that spark you get out of doing what you love. So, then I thought why don’t I switch the specialty I want, neurosurgery. I have rotated in several specialties, both surgical and non-surgical, but I always go back to one of the most rigorous specialties, neurosurgery. But I searched regardless, I looked at videos, looked at case studies of other specialties but once again that spark wasn’t there. I love the other specialties, each specialty has its own special thing, and each specialty requires a specific type of person but my person kept going back to neurosurgery. At one part, I was looking at surgical videos of ENT and plastics, I went from a rhinoplasty to a cranioplasty and finally I found myself at aneurysm clippings. It’s like they say, one always returns to their essence, and neurosurgery is mine.

Medicine, most of the time, isn’t a career where one just decides to do it, it’s a career that one is meant to do. For more that we try to change it we can’t, because we know that medicine is what we are supposed to do, and what we love despite the sleepless nights, the crying episodes in the on-call room, the strain on our personal lives, we love it and do the best we can. For me medicine, is a calling, and the operating room is my second home.


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