Delayed Love

I am almost 21, in 6 months. The grand 20s…I am starting to see people of my generation, my graduating class, get married, some have had kids, some recently got a boyfriend or girlfriend. Those are the typical scenarios I have seen. Then there is my scenario. Last year of undergrad, prepping to apply to med school, practicing to be a doctor, being with my family, my sister who is now going through those horrendous teen years lol. I see her and I wish I could protect her from all the bad, from her feelings being hurt, I wish I could make her be happy all the time, but I can’t…

I am proud of myself, for what I have done, accomplished, for keeping my values and morals intact through very difficult years. But I won’t lie. It’s tough sometimes, seeing your generation get married, really just that, not that I want to get married lol but lately I have been thinking of that of significant others. I don’t remember how that feels, how it feels to LIKE someone, let alone “love” someone. And I will not lie, I am the one that looks at other couples and thinks could I be with a guy like that and the answer is usually…no. Lol. I know what I want in a significant other, I haven’t see it in anyone yet and I know, like everyone says, there is someone out there but sometimes it is hard to believe that especially because you see people you know from left to right getting married and having a bf or gf, even your siblings.

Would I change my life? Nope, never, I am where I need to be, I love my career it is my passion, I have my family, my little sister who needs me more than ever, so no. But I am a girl, I can’t help but not think of a guy. Lol But I know, that my day will come just not right now, and in a sense thank God lol I have my career, myself, my family to focus on, my hands are pretty darn full, and they are happily full.

I know how you may feel, especially girls, we can be pretty intimidating apparently when we are smart and single at our 20s haha We all have a special someone but, just now is not the time to add that special someone in your life.


-Marvalous 007


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