Journey to med school phase 1: FEAR

Today I went to eat to Applebee’s with a friend. We had a great time, and when receiving the bill a guy enters. The guy happened to be a guy who was going to ask me to prom my junior year of high school, I was 16, his friend came to get me at the store because I said I couldn’t go, I had no idea I was going to be asked out to prom, I actually got scared bc his friend followed me to tell me to go lol I didn’t. I saw him today, at the same place where he was going to ask me out. A lot of things came to my head, not just that event but all the events, from high school, my college graduation, my internships, people, events and now almost my graduation from university and my application to med school. Time flies, it goes faster than we think. I am nostalgic, happy, excited, and most of all scared. lol Scared because I am making a big move in my life, because I have a family I have my sister, and I realize the older I get the more complicated life gets lol. It also comes with more gratifications, but damn does it get more complicated. It isn’t just come, go to school, repeat, life becomes much more than that. Appointments, meetings, work, study, school, money, friends, socialization, bf, gf and the list of life goes on, and on, AND ON. Today I sit here and think my gosh my life is getting complicated. Where did those days go, the days where my biggest decision was whether I should go out and eat with someone or not, or go to prom with someone or not, or choose between sleep or greys anatomy. Those days are long gone, and though I sit here with tears slowly rolling down my face, I am happy. Happy that I have something to say about myself, happy that I am an adult now and though life gets more complicated at the end of the day I get closer to my dreams. Obstacles will occur yes but what is life without a little challenge, nothing, its dull, mediocre. So next time you have one of these moments, these moments where life seems to get tough, where you are cyring out of stress, decisions, or simply bc you want to cry to let it all out, remember you are on the right track. Don’t let those obstacles scare you. Remember being scared is okay, it means you still have something valuable to loose and fight for and that is your dream.



Marvalous Premed 007


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