People in Your Life

So lately my life has been a bit…in turmoil, overwhelming, stressful? I don’t know how to exactly describe it but, it has been crazy, there we go, it has been crazy. Life has happened and in between life happening something occurred to me.

I was Saturday, my brother had been gone majority of the weekend, my other brother came to visit and I was doing homework but could not concentrate. The house was quiet so there was no reason I should not be able to concentrate that is, if my mind was quiet too. Just to give a background. My brother was going through a rough patch so, I tried to help in with that rough patch, and I don’t know if it really is working out, but who knows. So I figured out it was him, my mind was going crazy because a lot was going on between him and I, not good things, and so I had a lot of things bottled up inside that I needed to say. Me, being a very straight forward person told him what I had bottled up inside. One of the first things he says it, “It is not my problem.” Wow I thought, it isn’t your problem that I am scared, worried, getting in trouble, and everything else because of you, okidokee then. As I tried to explain myself in all the ruckus I hear him say, you need a psychologist someone with papers to tell you what is wrong with you. Then I get a question saying, “Do you know why you are so lonely? Do you have any friends? Do you even have a life? Life experience?” All these questions were pretty much telling me one thing. I am pathetic, for him that is. I cried, kid you not, I cried like a baby, I couldn’t stop crying. Despite knowing I was not crazy, I do have people by my side, I have an amazing career, and I do have a life, I still cried, because I couldn’t help admit to myself that my own sibling told me that. So with this post I want you all to know, to learn to embrace yourself.

In this career we give a lot of ourselves up, we give our time, sweat, tears, blood, eyes, and everything else, to be who we want to be, DOCTORS. A lot of people are going to tell you in this long journey that you are dumb, have no life, don’t “party” (I honestly don’t like too lol), don’t try “new things,” or simply they will tell you, you are crazy because you decided to give your life to what you love, medicine. That is why confidence in yourself will be the best thing YOU can carry with you in your backpack, pocket, hand, always have it with you. People will try to throw you down, and some of those people will be family, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, but those who do, don’t know you and if they can’t support you doing what you love then they most definitely can’t be at the end of that journey with you, when you are a doctor saving lives.


Yours truly

Marvalous Premed 007


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