Tinder, the promoter of the hook up culture? The view of a person in the prime “Tinder age.”

So today while waiting for my mom to get off the phone I read an article, a very descriptive, and in my opinion, an article that speaks the truth, an article of Tinder and the dating world. So just to give a bit of background of this all, a journalist from Vanity Fair by the name of Nancy Jo Sales, wrote an article of Tinder and the promotion of hook up culture. Now for some who don’t know what Tinder is, it is a dating application, free let me emphasize, that matches you with other people through their algorithms and your interests. What you do is swipe left, if you don’t like the person and right if you do, now if you swipe right and you match with that person according to Tinder, the app will tell you. Not only that but it will tell you where the person is! So maybe 1 mile away, or 5 miles, anywhere. On the bottom is the link to the article.


Now the comeback from Tinder was that the journalist was trying to tear them down by giving a one sided story, they (Tinder) believe it is much more than a hook up site but a site to meet people outside your circle. Later they apologized for their boisterous comeback but emphasized that Tinder is not just for free sex and promoting a hook up culture.

Now, I am 19, I am in the prime “Tinder” age, and the question of whether to use Tinder has crossed my mind. The reason it has crossed my mind is because, I am pretty sure like a lot of people, sometimes you want to meet someone new, someone out of your circle, but I have never used it for one reason: I have dignity and am woman, not a sex toy. Let’s face it we are living in a hook up culture, where hook up sex is more common than a healthy relationship, where divorce rates have increased in the last decade, where we have forgotten how to cherish sex or who we have sex with. Now is Tinder the creator of this huge hook up culture? By far, I would say not, but the stigma and image and the way it is marketed is definitely not helping this culture. I have seen the app, and the picture is huge compared to the interest that the person writes on their profile, so just with that Tinder is making things a bit materialistic by guiding their crowd to swipe right by someone’s looks. All it does is show that sex is easy, puts a stigma back on woman about woman being “easy”, and it erases a line between what is right and wrong, morally.

So Tinder by far is a hook up culture promoter, and if Tinder really wants to decrease this stigma, then maybe things need to change, starting with making the picture and interest on the persons page equal so people can also see the person’s interests before they swipe. Now, it recently did create a partnership with Forbes on a business networking app for similarly successful young executives. The catch though…the app isn’t for everyone: You’ve got to be on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list, which includes 2,000 members, to get it. I myself would love to use it to make connections and use it as a resource to complete my goals, but I am just a regular 19 year old, not in the Forbes, “30 under 30.” There is a reason for all this, and this is because we know in all reality the typical Tinder app is not going to work for connections, not anymore at least. Now yes, like everything in life there is probably people who truly do connect, not just have sex, who truly do fall in love, but we need to look at the big picture, and that does not seem to be the big picture. I have several friends that use it and they always tell me the same thing, “I need sex.”

The question now, taking a different road, is not about Tinder, or this article but about the youngsters and science. What caused this hook up culture? Is it because sex is more accessible with apps like Tinder, or because kids seem to become more knowledgeable about what sex is? I know 14 year old children that know exactly what happens during sex, have seen it or something along those lines. Me, someone pursuing a medical career as a neurosurgeon, did not really know how that happened till about 16 or 17. Or maybe because now we see casual sex in movies all the time, making out on the streets, people dressed with extremely revealing clothing that we find sex to seem less of a “taboo”. Sex has seemed to become less taboo and more of a something that you should do, some people are afraid to say they are a virgin at 20 because they know society will give them a perplexed and judgmental face. And a bigger question that roams in my mind is, why aren’t people fearful of the consequences of sex anymore? Is it because we have sufficient protection, according to them, or because in all honesty they really don’t know the consequences of casual sex, like STDs?

To those youngsters swiping left to casual sex, late sexting, disrespect and swiping right  accomplishing their goals I applaud you. Living in this culture for young adults is difficult nowadays, you are seeing sex being promoted more than graduating with a bachelors, pursing a job, accomplishing your goals, and that definitely doesn’t help at 1 a.m when you are trying to study for a final.

Yours Truly,

-Marvalous Premed 007


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