We have to accept everyone who is different…but what is “different?” Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night everyone! So yes this is my medical blog, but I decided to add a bit of other things to this blog, things I like, like fashion and controversial topics, I mean who doesn’t like those two things? So today I chose a controversial topic, a topic everyone has been talking about, transgender and gay marriage.

Recently Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the Arthur Ashe award for her courage. On the bottom is her speech when accepting her award.


I will be very honest, I was moved, it was a very compelling speech but in the back of my head I couldn’t help but think about…mental health… And no, it is not that I think something is mentally wrong with someone who is transgender, it made me think, why is it that the public seems to only mention that the people who are different, that need respect, are people who are transgender, lesbian or gay? Have we forgotten that they are not the only ones bullied?

(According to PACER’S National Bullying Prevention Center) While bullying has no one particular group of targets, statistics and research highlight certain groups that are more prone to being bullied than others. Those are:

1- People with weight problems

2- People with Disabilities

3- People who belong to racial or religious minorities

4- People who are LGBTQ or perceived as LGBTQ

If we notice transgenders, lesbians, and all the other categories that fall in LGBTQ is the last group that is bullied. So why is that the category that is the least bullied is the the category that seems to remind us the most that they are bullied and deserve respect? Is it because they have someone to speak for them, if so why don’t people that are overweight, have disabilities or belong to racial or religious minority not have icons to speak for them, like Caitlyn Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and even one of the Clinton’s, Chelsea Clinton? I assure you all, that you know the month of when the law for gay marriage was passed but have no idea what the Steven’s law is for Autism. That is because there was nobody out there saying what it was, promoting it, making people aware of it, nowadays I can’t go to any site without seeing a rainbow flag.

I have been in a medical setting for a while now, and I recall receiving a class on how to treat patients that fall under LGBTQ but NEVER how to treat a patient with a mental disorder, depression, obesity, somebody from a minority group that has a completely different culture than me. Don’t they matter too?

We are marketing to kids to be free, to be who THEY are, and that they deserve respect, but we are forgetting that in order to be respected we need to respect. Just because I demand respect does not mean I will receive it if I make fun of the kid next door to me that is 50 lbs overweight or the kid with Autism that wants to play but does not know how to even start a conversation.

So Yes Caitlyn Jenner, like you said “Trans people deserve something vital. They deserve your respect.” but they aren’t the only ones that deserve respect, they are not the only ones that are “different,” or that get bullied. We need equality here too. We need to remember that other people deserve to be respect too, other people that get bullied much more than anyone under LGBTQ, this is what would be equality, to equally represent each group that gets bullied. Being gay, lesbian, transgender or anything under LGBTQ does not mean you require more attention than any other group that gets bullied or disrespected. And I may not be a famous athlete, a singer, politician or a model, on the contrary I am just an ordinary student trying to reach her goals, but I do have a sister with Autism, and I WILL BE HER VOICE, and all those other kids who are bullied and have disabilities, are obese or in a minority group. THEY NEED RESPECT TOO. We need to start being their voice too.

-Yours Truly



1. http://www.hrc.org/the-hrc-story/celebrity-supporters

2. http://nobullying.com/the-complicated-web-of-teen-lives-2015-bullying-report/

3. http://www.pacer.org/bullying/about/media-kit/stats.asp



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